Sexuality, here is the food that helps men to defend it!


"Sexuality, here is the food that helps men to defend it!

Did you know that asparagus, ginger and almonds occupy the top positions of the top 10 foods that can help in this endeavor.
The first they stimulate the production of male hormones, encouraging both good sexual performance that fertility.
Ginger also promotes the production of hormones, and almonds have a positive effect both on the ability of the male sex that riporduttiva.
 The ranking continues with chicory, the source of the hormone androstenedione; experts recommend that you eat 250 grams also 2 times a week.
Cocoa can instead be taken in the form of dark chocolate 70%, and eat a tablet a week.
Attention, however, pepper: they are occasionally allowed 15 grams,
because if it is true that it is a potent vasodilator that enhances the functionality of the cover cavernosa of the penis is the same that can inflame the prostate.
The last four places in the ranking are occupied by oyster - stimulate the production of testosterone - from garlic - its allicin increases blood flow; it only needs 2 cloves a day taken for 3 consecutive months to combat impotence when you have high cholesterol - dall'avocado - consumed daily promotes hormonal balance - and red wine - one glass per meal.

Obviously all this we must add a touch of magic even under the covers !!!"

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